ebox Liquidity Locker

Eliminating rug pulls through smart contract solution



  • Create lock:
    Any ERC-20 token can be deposited inside the ebox Liquidity Locker.
  • Add tokens:
    Tokens of the same kind can be added to an existing lock after its creation.
  • Extend lock:
    Locks can be extended beyond the unlocking time that was initially set at creation.
  • Transfer ownership:
    Locks can be transferred to another address.
  • Withdraw:
    Once the unlocking time has been reached, the lock opens and allows the owner to withdraw the tokens stored inside it, either all at once, or partially.

Fee Structure

  • < 5,000 EBOX:
    of locked tokens
  • 5,000–50,000 EBOX:
    0.8% of locked tokens
  • ≥ 50,000 EBOX:
    0.5% of locked tokens

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