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Eliminating rug pulls through smart contract solution

3 min readMay 28, 2022

With the upcoming release of the ebox Liquidity Locker, we present the first fully integrated dashboard solution served through our emerging ebox Business Solutions branch.

As with everything ebox provides, the purpose of this project administrator’s everyday tool-of-the-trade lies in making the crypto sphere a more agreeable environment for everyone participating.


When launching a project’s token, providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange (DEX) is usually a task that goes alongside. By providing liquidity on a DEX such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap, the providing person receives so-called “LP tokens”, representing their share in liquidity.

LP tokens can be used to retrieve the deposited assets at any time. For end-users, there is no problematic aspect with this — After all, if you provide liquidity for a project, you want to retrieve your funds and profit at a later point.

However, when a project does this, the amount of liquidity they provide is by far the largest share in the pool. Should a project maliciously remove their liquidity, a “rug pull” happens, and investors are left with worthless tokens from one moment to the next.

Preventing this from happening is the purpose of any liquidity locker. By locking LP tokens into a smart contract, rug pulling becomes technically impossible, and users’ funds are safe.

Functional integrity is guaranteed through open-source code and specialist auditing by CertiK Foundation. Data on every lock created through the ebox Liquidity Locker is publicly accessible through its dashboard.


  • Create lock:
    Any ERC-20 token can be deposited inside the ebox Liquidity Locker.
  • Add tokens:
    Tokens of the same kind can be added to an existing lock after its creation.
  • Extend lock:
    Locks can be extended beyond the unlocking time that was initially set at creation.
  • Transfer ownership:
    Locks can be transferred to another address.
  • Withdraw:
    Once the unlocking time has been reached, the lock opens and allows the owner to withdraw the tokens stored inside it, either all at once, or partially.

Locks are always visible to the public. Each lock is assigned a unique ID number and a link, through which it can easily be accessed & shared. This is useful for providing proof to the community that LP tokens have been locked away safely.

Fee Structure

Unlike most other ebox solutions, the ebox Liquidity Locker is not the first of its kind — However, out of all token locking services, it is the one with by far the lowest fee in the market.

There is no flat fee, and most operations are free of charge. Fee is deducted only when tokens are deposited, meaning when creating a lock or adding tokens to an existing lock. Everything else (extend, transfer ownership, withdraw) is completely free to use.

As always, there is additional benefit for EBOX holders. The service fee depends on the amount of EBOX tokens held.

  • < 5,000 EBOX:
    of locked tokens
  • 5,000–50,000 EBOX:
    0.8% of locked tokens
  • ≥ 50,000 EBOX:
    0.5% of locked tokens

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Reward payout happens monthly through the same dashboard. Tracking of accumulated rewards will be implemented shortly, offering a live view of how much you’ve earned so far.




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