ethbox Community AMA #3

19 min readOct 5, 2021


On September 30, 4 pm UTC, ethbox runned another great AMA session with its community. Some of you couldn’t attend that AMA due to to others commitments or simply due to their time zone. Here you go, a Medium post just for you! During 2 hours ethbox Co-founders: Lukas Schiefer, Lukas Pratschner, Paul Simode answered in detail many questions such as upcoming marketing, development of ethbox Investment Platform Service, CEX listing(s)…

So grab a coffee & enjoy your reading!


Welcome to our monthly community AMA everyone. 🌞

Round 3!

3 parts:

⚀ Quick introduction

⚁ Answer to 5 selected questions

⚂ Open Q&A with our community

To begin with let’s ensure that ethbox Co-founders Lukas Schiefer, Lukas Pratschner & Paul Simode are around.

Lukas S.

😂💪💪 ✅

Paul S.

Hey everyone, nice being around on this particular day of the month, hahah… :)) ✌️

Let’s rock this thing!

Luke P.

Good morning, good evening or good night fellow Eboxer‘s, wherever in the world you are right now. Happy to have you here :)

Paul S.

That being said, thanks for all the kind birthday wishes, I was totally not expecting that… :D

I’m not so much of a birthday person myself, so rather than receiving, let’s make this a day of giving… ethbox news to the world 👌😄

Luke P.

Cheers on your birthday my beloved friend :)

Lukas S.

haha yes really special day, and week, lots of birthdays happening :D , fredo, slightly had the last few days, and today paul and not to forget about @owlbe has birthday as well today :D


A few info about ethbox to start with for our recent commu members.

Welcome onboard btw. ✌

What is ethbox❓

ethbox is an escrow service specializing in security, privacy & effectiveness for the OTC cryptocurrency market.

ethbox is addressing the issues related to losing transactions, adding some privacy, & providing a safe path for your OTC trades or for your daily transactions.

ethbox: your 🏠 for all transactions on BSC, Polygon & Ethereum.

🔹️ Safer Sending

🔹️ Secured P2P-transactions

🔹️ Privacy feature

🔹️ DeFi OTC-feature

It serves as a trustable, transparent & always-valid intermediary between two parties willing to send cryptocurrency one way or both ways.

Instead of sending funds directly to each other, funds are relayed through the ethbox smart contract…

🆕️ Wait to see what our mainnet v2 got in store for you!


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To our recent commu members, check out:

or our first community AMA transcript for a team introduction:

Always good to know who’s behind a startup, isn’t it?

Shall we dive straight into the 1st question?

Lukas S.

ready to go :))

Paul S.

We three jointly agree on how much we love the way you’re handling this AMA, in that you make it short & concise for those that already know what’s business, yet give all the necessary information for those new to our community, willing to find out what we’re all about… :))) ♥️✊


Question 1

What are the milestones on the #ETHBOX roadmap – both what have you achieved and what can we expect?

Any short/long term partnerships and technical milestones that you would like to mention or bring to the attention?

Paul S.

Alright, I’ll take this one 👌

For those of you who have been following along for a while, our latest Whitepaper v2 release is already a familiar thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, totally make sure to give it a look or two!

Essentially, this comprises everything that led us to where we are now, and everything that paves the way for our future. Coming from a simple yet much needed idea, a blockchain escrow service, we can proudly say that we’ve evolved a lot beyond that.

After establishing our name in the crypto space with strong support from our long-term partners & friends at DuckDAO and making the ethbox On-Chain Escrow a thing as normal & „basic“ as the wheel, already feeling as if it’s always been around & part of the blockchain life, we set out to new horizons.

With our core belief that things need to be done as simple, efficient, elegant and straight-forward as possible, we find lots and lots of room for improvement and innovation in many aspects of today’s crypto life.

One such aspect is the way investment groups and venture capitals handle their pooled investments. A lot of work there is still being done manually, even though handling large amounts of funds from a lot of users is an extremely crticial task.

Coming from a community background as traders and investors ourselves (Lukas & Luke actually, that’s entirely their part) and being in touch with many things that go on behind the crypto scenes, we quickly became aware of how this situation is in dire need of some of our ethbox-brand spark of innovation, hahah… :))

That being said, our next big upcoming thing is the ethbox Investment Platform Service („eIPS“), enabling simple & almost completely automated „launchpad“ deployment, through which investment rounds can be held. Stay tuned for more, this is something that’s riiiight around the corner as we speak (there’s always a reason why I personally don’t appear as much in this channel as I would love to, you can guess what it was this time… :)))!

Aside, something that many of you have probably heard of by now, we have created a rather unique staking model, the ethbox In-Wallet Staking – Initially, we were just using this for ourselves, but we have now started to offer this to other crypto projects as part of our upcoming ethbox Business Solutions branch. There will be major development on that front, leading to a fully integrated, automated dashboard solutions through which a complete staking solution can be deployed at the click of a few buttons (no joke, no exaggerations, mark my words here).

There’s some other really interesting stuff to go along (ethbox Transactionless Governance for instance, both for our community & as a business solution for projects), I won’t be going into that so as not to completely blow up the scope of this AMA, feel free to scroll through our Whitepaper v2 & have a short read of what personally gives you a buzz (there’s a lot of stuff to be found there for sure, we put heaps of elbow grease in all the things we’re doing)!

Luke P.

There are some similarities with „primablock“ if someone still knows this platform, just much more innovative and individual & more in the direction of business applications / B2B solution.


Core Team casually dropping amazing news!


Paul S.

All this being said, the technical development is kinda like the engine of the whole thing, but noone will drive it around without wheels and a nice, shiny chassis to go – On the marketing front, we are preparing for letting all the beautifully innovative products we’re creating shine in the best light possible, giving ethbox the possibility to reach out to the world and leave an impactful, lasting, positive impression! 👌

We have started our journey humbly, coming from the community ourselves with nothing more than an idea and some open ears & minds in the right places (DuckDAO, again, this one’s to you!) – Walking along, we have been spreading and establishing „ethbox“ in various aspects of everyday internet & crypto life, which, evidently, is a huge contrast to not being established at all, as in being a non-existent project.

What I mean to say with this is that basically coming from nothing & out of nowhere, I think we’ve done a damn good job so far at setting our first steps in a way that everyone knows these are like the moon landing steps, the kind of steps that leave their imprint for quiiiiite some time.

From there on, we’ve been ever-evolving, networking, connecting and extending both our actual outreach, and the potential for doing so. We have started working with the particularly valuable group of creative minds at between collective, and we’re in the middle (past it, actually) of doing a complete(-ish? Was that a hint?) rebrand together with them. We’re absolutely thrilled for bringing this to you, and opening up a new era of what will no longer be called „ethbox“ by then…! ✊

(Speaking of „humbly“, if you still remember the old website… I mean, it was a website and all, but the one that @FredoCorleone made for us, the one we have right now, is an absolute gem of functionality, and it nails the feeling of „simple & elegant“ so well – Can’t wait to how between collective’s creative spark + Fredo’s ingenious programming skills will turn out, but it’s giving me a pleasant kind of shiver just thinking about it, hahah… :)) )

Paul S.

I can take a hint, give me just one more message, hahah 😂

(It miight be worth the wait though :o)

Paul S.

Anyways, to round this off:

(That one doesn’t count!)

Luke P.


Paul S.

Throughout our journey, a lot has happened. Many ideas have become reality, and many more were born – In ways that benefit both our community, us as a business and all our partners, being able to profit from the technical innovation we’re delivering.

Aside from the partnerships and bonds we have already formed, with recent, strong additions such as Polygon and Reef, there is one very particular one that we’ve been closely tied to since before day one, and by now, I’m more than certain everyone knows what’s next:

DuckDAO, ladies and gentlemen, friends and community. The next instance of our In-Wallet Staking will be created for them, highly customized with a very particular, interesting mechanism behind it. That’s all we can say for now, more will be disclosed within the upcoming weeks.

Paul S.

*drop mic*

Paul S.


I can go on if you want? 😂


Trolling part was a transition to question 2. Epic fail as you was still typing 😂

Question 2

Most investor are more concerned with the value of the tokens than the technological aspecs of the project itself.

What’s your plans to educate & raise awareness among the people to make them more understand about the future benefit by joining & investing on ETHBOX project?

Paul S.

[In reply to Thom]

We need to exercise that beforehand next time, but for an impromptu sketch, I think we all did fabulously 😂👌

Lukas S.

[In reply to Thom]

You never know when paul answers a question :D

Paul S.

[In reply to Lukas S]

More like, you never know when Paul finishes answering, lol 😶😂

(Alright enough of this, stage is all yours mate!)

Lukas S.

Anyway i’ll take that :)

Interesting question since we discussed that some time ago with our partners from between-collective. We understand that there are different types of members in our community and that different strategies apply to those different types.

There are two different ones in particular one that really focuses on the technology and one that just focuses on the price.

The goal should be for a person to see both sides of ethbox, great technology combined with a very good investment opportunity. There will be different content, some more technically educational and some more about the calue of ethbox (source for passive income etc)

In the end there should be different content that is suitable for both users. The technology could refer to the security or simplicity that ethbox provides for adopting crypto. On the other side the articles could be about the staking, payout (passive income, marketvalue)

The content will include videos,blogs, maybe podcasts and much more. It will be important to offer this on all the different channels to make it as easy and user friendly as possible. In the end we can hopefully convince all parties so that they can see value on both the technical side and the investment side :)

We are learning every day something new and so the strategies will improve and will grow over time, so we are always open to discuss the ideas of the community


Question 3

What are the listings you have in your scope for EBOX token?

Do you have any plans to list on major centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX and DEX) that could help promote the adoption of the project itself due to exposure it gives?

Luke P.

Ok, I‘ll take that one.

One of the upcoming partnerships is one of the answers to this specific AMA obligatory question (which we skipped deliberately in the last AMA‘s). I will not disclose who our next revealed partner will be, but stay tuned we‘ll announce it soon.

As we speak we are preparing & finalizing different outreach campaigns. One campaign specifically tackles the approach to different centralized & decentralized exchanges, with the main goal to make them aware of ethbox and discuss potential listings on some of them.

For sure under the new brand. We know that we have taken our time with this since our launch, but a listing was never one of our main goals at the beginning, as experience shows that these possibilities arise automatically (if the quality of a project speaks for itself). However, let us not dwell on this matter.

We are fully aware of the fact that even though ethbox is easy to buy on Uniswap & Pancakeswap, exchanges can/will bring much more value by giving exposure and growing our community base. This makes a listing on some of them mandatory to consolidate the foundation of our small project, especially in times when the market turns red.

Unfortunately we can not disclose any exact information of which CEX‘es & DEX‘es I particularly speak of yet. But what I can say is that we are eying towards „Tier 1/Tier 2 exchanges“.

Nevertheless I definitely do not want to destroy any dreams nor give false hope, please have in mind that listing on a Tier1 exchange can be very hard at this stage we are, but the possibility is more than obviously given and I know that we are at least on one radar of an Tier 1 exchange – but as I stated before, that also doesn’t have to mean anything.


Here we go again!

Casually dropping another 💣

Question 4

How will ETHBox be injected on other platforms via a box / tool?

How would be revenue model via that transaction actions?

Paul S.

This, we have covered with a particular technical mechanism that will connect all ethbox services, solutions & tools, in a way that makes it easy for projects & businesses to implement ethbox functionality into their applications – The ethbox API, a major point on our roadmap, also covered in our Whitepaper v2 (again, check it out if you haven’t yet). 👌

We see it as absolutely essential to be able to offer everything that we do in a simple & straight-forward way to others, so that ethbox mechanics can become part of their ideas and visions of the world. This is a key stepping stone to establishing our name and fortifying ethbox as a business.

Through tailor-made API endpoints, both generically available for ethbox services, and customized to the individual needs of projects, we will be providing an easy way for integrating ethbox in a mutually beneficient way – Projects benefit from the innovations we create, we benefit from the fee we’re generating (which will be slightly less or the same as with our regular services, meaning that if, for example, our On-Chain Escrow will be used in the background with some major project, it will have the same effect as if people were using it through our own website at

This whole thing is still in the planning phase, and we will be working on it alongside the development of our products and services. Once released, we will be dedicating particular effort to spreading awareness of our API and pitching ethbox integration to crypto businesses and projects. 👌


Moving on to the final selected question prior opening Q & A with our community.

Question 5

How can the community help to expand the EBOX project ?

Lukas S.

At first being a supportive community like you all have been so far, it really amazes us and makes us so proud .. we really appreciate that!

Even tho we do not mention it every time we loove to see how much you support us, all the time, on all different channels. If somebody is questioning something, eboxers are always here to help…. thats definitely a very important part of helping to expand and keeping the members close together.

Its very important to have such a positive sentiment, as new investors will join the group and depending on the feeling they receive they might be easier to convince and be open to discuss the project.

Luke P.

+++ ❤️

Lukas S.

Beside the power of „word of mouth“ – If every eboxe introduces ethbox once a day to one person and that on a regulary basis , that can have a huge networking effect. Comment on youtubers live videos, ask them to have a look into the project, retweet and tag freinds on it.

If you have another favorite project which might utilize one of ethbox services & solutions (escorw, staking, governance, investment platform) introduce ethbox to them.

This whole process can be so powerful if this is done over some time. Presistence is the keyword here. This might have impact on first day but that could take some time as well, you never know what is building in the back, and one day few things hit together and suddenly the work will pay off.

Marketing is nothing which can be switched on/off, but needs consistent work on it.

And last but not least use ethbox services for yourself. If you send someone money use the escrow service for example on bsc network / polygon and utilize on the service which is till our mainnet v2.0 free to use. Might be a good way to introduce new people to ethbox :)

Anyway we welcome every support from the side of the community, and we will be giving many juicy incentives for the future, so stay tuned for that :)


Before opening the chat for Q & A, THANK YOU all for your AMA attendance & for your interest towards ethbox.

Each one of you is unique, even our non vocal community members who are lurking & acccumulating some EBOX tokens. 🤫😉

We can see you!

We ❤ you all.

Don’t be shy or scared to be judged if english isn’t your native language.

Become an active member of our commu!

We’re building for you.

We’re moving forward with ALL of you thanks to your precious constructive feedbacks.

♻️ ethbox:

From the community. To the community.

Paul S.

♥️ +1(000) to that, well said mate!

Lukas S.

🙏🙏 very well said ❤️

Luke P.

I have to underline this twice, partner!


Let’s go with Q & A!

Wm (Community member)

Great AMA! KOL is one of the very important ways to market a project. Does ETHbox have plan to bring more KOLs for marketing Ethbox?

Lukas S.

[In reply to Wm]

Thank you ❤️ yes especially in the crypto space KOL might be one of the most important aspects in marketing. Like i said before word of mouth can we very impactful. Its kind of tradition that in crypto there are ton of influencer, and we are definitely keen to work with different KOLs down the road. So again if you have some specific person in mind .. we are open for every recommendation :)

Simpson (Community member)

Amazing AMA!

Lukas S.

[In reply to Simpson]

Thank you ❤️ loved the questions, some more got asked which were kind of interesting, maybe they will pop here up too 😇🤓

But thank you all for the questions so far :)

CryptoVN 2018 🇻🇳 (Community member)

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Paul S.

[In reply to Crypto VN 2018]

I’d say „all of them, couldn’t pin it down on one“, but that wouldn’t be entirely true – At the end of the day, our vision of ethbox is one of a special kind of simplicity, one that speaks for itself and makes the word of mouth go virtually without saying. We want ethbox to be the kind of thing that takes your breath away when you see it, yet you instantly take it as granted, as if it’s always been there.

I think I can humbly say that this has been working out for us really well so far, with all positive feedback & strong backup we’ve received and are ongoingly receiving – Everything we put our hands on turns out awesome, and new ideas for improvement (where it is necessary) never cease to come up. We really, really enjoy what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and all of you play a huge part in that. Here’s a heartfelt thanks to our community for being with us & letting us feel that you believe in us! :)))

So yeah, this feels just right. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re continuously working on that… As you’ve seen, and as we now actually have more than enough facts to underline our words with, ethbox carves things out of (digital) stone, that are here to stay, make an impact and become part of the crypto world! 👌

CryptoVN 2018 🇻🇳 (Community member)

Awesome, I’ll give ETHBOX to a member of Viet Nam polkawarrios 👌

Paul S.

[In reply to Crypto VN 2018]

Thanks for that, let us know how they reacted, or even better, bring your people here so we can share our vision! :)) 👌


I mentioned Ethobox in other projects’ telegrams which may need the service of Ethbox.

Lukas S.

[In reply to Simpson]

Thank you for the support 💪 really strong :)


[Love sticker]

CryptoVN 2018 🇻🇳 (Community member)

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project / company. What is the way to generate profit / revenue of token? What is the income model?

Luke P.

[In reply to Crypto VN 2018]

Hello there, thank you for your questions.

Yes we are approaching different revenue streams as stated in our whitepaper – our 2nd core pillar ethbox business solutions is a promising model to ensure ongoing income. Since we are already working with some partners here and others are in talks with us, the fruits of this work will hopefully be ready to be presented soon.

I can only recommend you to read our whitepaper, it answers most of the open questions about this & also the other questions you posted rn ;)

Simpson (Community member)

Besides holding Ethbox to get some discount from using Ethbox services, what are the other token utilities for Ebox?

Lukas S.

[In reply to Simpson]

For now the main utilites are the staking, governance, passive income by receiving part of all our generated fee in every service, product we are selling – we try to keep that as transparant as possible.

Last but not least like you said for now to reduced fee, but which might be an more important role while time is passing and our products are evolving. There are ton of service which can be offered in the future and we will always try to include ebox as a utility.

George01022 (Community member)

The roadmap for this year is very packed for Ethbox. Is Ethbox still on track?

Luke P.

[In reply to George01022]

Brief answer: Yes 🙌

George01022 (Community member)

Keep improving and delivering. Ethbox is a great project and will be greater!

Guille 😎🥂 (Community member)

Amazing News, thanks guys for keep working .

In ebox we trust 😎🥂

Luke P.

[In reply to Guille 😎🥂]

Thank you for having our backs for so long, m8!

Emre Koşun (Community member)

To participate in the ama’s or meetings on Twitter. Do you, our esteemed founders, plan to open a personal user account?

Lukas S.

[In reply to Emre Koşun]

Yup as you say it would definitely make sense, there are always opportunities to discuss and show our personal presence in twitter which is definitely useful. I will take push for that :)

Emre Koşun (Community member)


Twitter is a boon for the crypto world.

Must take advantage of.

Wm (Community member)

Not sure if Ethbox team heard about Suppoman who is a youtuber, a great marketer. He mentioned about Ethbox in his YT videos about Ethbox twice if not more. He loves Ethbox. Both Ethbox and Suppoman connecting will be great!

Luke P.

[In reply to Wm]

Good point, didn’t know that. It is noted and we will discuss whether & how we deal with it or how we can use this to our advantage. Thanks for the input.


Lukas, Lukas, Paul, any final words for our EBOXers?

Paul S.

Keep up the awesomeness people, thanks for being with us, stay with us some more & bring your friends, too! :)) We’ll be sure to make it an amazing journey for everyone on board (also for all the others, but those might be missing out some extra ethbox insider perks, hahah), so stay tuned for what the future holds! ✌️

Luke P.

Thank you all for participating today 💪

Great community, great times ahead. Stay as you are & see you next time. Have good a evening & good bye ❤️

Slightly Awesome Blueberry:

Looking forward to the future with ethbox :) Thankyou guys for all your hard work!

Luke P.

[In reply to Slightly Awesome Blueberry]

Thx to you for keeping this channel as awesome as it is :

Lukas S.

Thank you all for your submitted questions, it was, like always ,a pleasure to answer them :) We might have a little change for the upcoming amas but lets see :D no promise yet 😂 and thanks to thom for leading this ama ❤️

Paul S.

Really doing the best we can here, and we’re so glad to see that our efforts actually come across… Totally can’t wait to see what we will be making of ethbox once we branch out and all our services & solutions start connecting together through API integration, automatic In-Wallet Staking deployment (possibly connected to eIPS pools), etc… Alright, gotta go code, see you all around! ✊✌️


That concludes today’s AMA.

Follow us on Twitter & subscribe to our Ann channel to keep up with latest news.

And of course, tell your friends to try our cool & secured escrow service.

That beast is 🆓️ to use till mainnet v2!

Sending funds to a wrong address is now a thing of the past thanks to ethbox. 🌞

🤖 Link to AMA beginning for those of you who couldn’t take part due to others commitments or simply due to their time zone:

Good evening/morning & see you around EBOXers. 🖖

What is ethbox?

ethbox is an escrow service specializing in security, privacy & effectiveness for the OTC cryptocurrency market.

ethbox is addressing the issues related to losing transactions, adding some privacy, & providing a safe path for your OTC trades or for your daily transactions.

ethbox: your safe solution for all transactions on BSC, Polygon & Ethereum.

  • Safer Sending
  • Secured P2P-transactions
  • Privacy feature
  • DeFi OTC-feature
  • DeFi Business Solutions

It serves as a trustable, transparent & always-valid intermediary between two parties willing to send cryptocurrency one way or both ways.

Instead of sending funds directly to each other, funds are relayed through the ethbox smart contract…

About EBOX token utility:

▶️ Reduced service cost/fee for all ethbox services by holding EBOX token.

▶️ Staking generates passive income for EBOX holders for 4 years following TGE.

▶️ Regular payout of profit share to EBOX token holders.

▶️ EBOX is a deflationary token, guaranteed by buying back & burning part of the generated fee.

▶️ Governance gives voting rights for upcoming project-related decisions and enables EBOX holders to actively participate in the development of ethbox.

About EBOX token:

Smart contract Address:






Where to buy EBOX token or add liquidity?

Uniswap v2: EBOX/ETH pair

PancakeSwap: EBOX/WBNB pair

Links and further information:

🌐 Website

🌠 Whitepaper v2

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