ethbox is live on Polygon!

4 min readSep 24, 2021

Reversible transactions, DeFi trading & privacy protection coming to Polygon

With great pleasure, we are announcing the addition of ethbox to the Polygon family!

At ethbox, our mission is to create game-changing, yet simple & straight-forward tools and services tailored to the blockchain community and its needs. For our users, we aim to deliver a reliable escrow service and wallet to facilitate sending, receiving and trading tokens through DeFi in the safest and most secure way possible, all while keeping our trademark simplicity throughout our feature-rich product. For blockchain businesses, ethbox offers its unique solutions as both highly customizable and ready-to-use services, enabling other crypto projects to profit from In-Wallet Staking, automated launchpad deployment through our Investment Platform Service, and more upcoming innovations.

Polygon is host to a growing number of exciting projects that are benefiting from Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution. The promise of solving blockchain scalability issues, making transactions blazing fast and reducing the cost of transactions down to almost zero has laid the foundation for mass adoption, especially for those dealing with escrow payments and trade. Polygon’s integration is going to aid with expanding the reach of our tools to more users and projects that will benefit from them.

Integration with Polygon will allow NFT holders, traders and everyday users to make the most of ethbox’s growing arsenal of blockchain tools and services without having to break the bank with expensive gas fees. ethbox gives users the ability to send funds safely and securely without needing to worry about making a mistake with the transaction address. Transactions sent through the escrow service can be reversed, granting relief to those worrying about funds reaching their desired address. Privacy-increasing mechanisms, such as transaction hashing and partial withdrawals can be implemented to mask sender details and make it harder for transactions to be traced. NFTs can be traded in a trustless OTC manner, either publicly using a linkable address, or privately and directly to a particular user. Having features like these accessible to a greater number of users whilst minimizing the cost associated with using them will greatly benefit the blockchain space, and is particularly aided by our. integration with the Polygon ecosystem.

Originally, ethbox started as a novel idea of reversing transactions on the Ethereum network. As the project grew, so did the ideas we had, the tools we created and of course the blockchains we wished to support. Starting with Ethereum, we then progressed to Binance Smart Chain, and now we’ve arrived at Polygon’s doorstep. The trouble with Ethereum is that fees to use the network are prone to great fluctuation and can be very expensive, whereas Polygon gives our users the ability to take full advantage of ethbox tools for a mere fraction of the cost of what it would cost on Ethereum, at blazing-fast speeds.

Looking at our main escrow service, reducing fees to practically zero and having near-instant transaction speeds makes using ethbox a much more compelling option than “regular” irreversible sending. On the business-to-business side, taking for example our In-Wallet-Staking, Polygon can make all the difference: Having the ability to withdraw reward tokens cheaper would make it more compelling to those whose reward isn’t significant enough to justify the normally high cost of gas on ETH, making it more accessible to a larger number of users. As for our upcoming Investment Platform service, our Polygon integration enbales both administrators and users to profit from virtually free transactions, for example when managing the platform, or when depositing funds and withdrawing tokens at the end of a finished investment round. The potential of the Polygon ecosystem combined with the versatility that ethbox brings is what makes this integration a powerful proponent for adoption and success.

About ethbox

ethbox at its core is a set of blockchain tools that gives customers everything they need to send, receive and trade digital assets in a safe and secure manner and empowers businesses to adopt flexible, reliable crypto services into their offerings. Users no longer need to worry about sending transactions to the wrong address, or ensuring that their transactions are secure and private – ethbox has you covered. ethbox gives token and NFT holders the ability to conduct private trades without the need for a centralized exchange. Trustless, no account setup, no red tape – Just connect your wallet and start using it.

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About Polygon

Polygon is the first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its core component is Polygon SDK, a modular, flexible framework that supports building and connecting Secured Chains like Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium and many more mechanisms, and Standalone Chains like Polygon POS, designed for flexibility and independence. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with more than 350 dApps, over 121 million transactions and over 1 million unique users.

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