ethbox x Reef.

ethbox x

Strategic Integration Announcement

  • Our users will be able to save on gas fees, especially during these incredibly expensive times for ETH where gas fees can be as high as 1000–2000 gwei.
  • We are able to reach out to more up and coming projects that could benefit from our B2B DeFi services such as our in-wallet staking and our soon to be released Investment Platform Service.
  • Our users will have more freedom of choice with which chain they would like to use with ethbox’s escrow services.
  • It will allow more tokens to be supported within the escrow app as a result. Sending and trading Reef-based tokens will soon be a possibility through ethbox’s escrow app.
  • It will allow us to make the first steps towards the Polkadot ecosystem and will open the path for further partnerships as our name propagates and becomes more well known across the crypto sphere.

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