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6 min readNov 5, 2021

ethbox celebrates upcoming rebrand with contests & juicy giveaways

At ethbox, we have always had a special, almost unique kind of relationship with our community. Oftentimes described as a surprisingly welcoming, friendly and non-toxic crowd, particularly amongst crypto communities, every single of our believers and supporters is a part of our success, as you help make ethbox part of everyone’s daily life throughout crypto and beyond.

Functional things are nice and can go a long way, but beautifully functional things go the longest. Presenting our company and solutions in the best light possible is a major stepping stone for upping our game, entering a new tier of business and enabling us to maximize the outreach, impact and availability of all that is ethbox.

Speaking of ethbox, we are now ready to announce when this name that has grown so dear and familiar to all of us will become a pleasant memory of the past, and make way for our new, chain-neutral corporate brand identity (which, in the end, might just feel a little more familiar than expected):

Grab the reddest, boldest marker you can get your hands on, and circle November 16th 2021 as the date when ethbox is entering a new era!

To celebrate this one-of-its-kind event in our project’s history, we want to thank all of our well-established long-term community members, as well as invite new people to join our journey, and encourage everyone to help us make the biggest blast out of this rebranding that we possibly can.

In the upcoming weeks, a series of events will take place leading up to the final rebrand launch on November 16th, bringing action-packed contests and juicy rewards for everyone participating:

📣 Spread the Word, Spread the Spirit

[Nov 6th — Nov 11th]

Tell your friends, invite everyone to our community and let everyone know what’s going on with ethbox — No better occasion to become part of our journey than right now!


Twitter contest 5 winners each get $500 in EBOX

📦 Merch Giveaway

[Nov 8th — Nov 10th]

ethbox is here to stay, but no longer as “ethbox”. Crafting our yet-to-be-revealed new brand identity into a manually selected package of needful items, we create a bridge between our vision inside the cryptosphere and the powerful impression we wish to leave in people’s everyday reality.

As a special honor for our long-standing community members, we will be giving merch packages away both to the 10 most active Telegram members, as well as to 30 contest winners.


Community — 10 most active Telegram members each get 1 ethbox merch package + $50 in EBOX

Twitter contest — 30 winners each get 1 ethbox merch package + $50 in EBOX

🔮 Can You Keep a Secret?

[Nov 10th — Nov 12th]

A very special occasion for just 3 lucky winners: For an entire hour, ethbox will be holding a private AMA session, together with all three founders and our creative & design partners of between collective.

Come win an exclusive insight into our new brand, giving the winners of this contest a head-start on curiosity and more than enough time to ask away & have all their questions answered!


Twitter contest — 3 winners each get access to private AMA and $100 in EBOX

📝 ethbox Quiz

[Nov 12th — Nov 14th]

Test your ethbox knowledge in this interactive Telegram quiz, taking place in our official channel: When did we hold our IDO, who is our strongest partner from day one? What was the latest network partnership? What’s your estimate for next year’s token price, and which one is Paul’s favorite Pokémon?

Prepare for a selection of both fact-based and light-hearted, fun trivia questions on a relaxed evening with ethbox!


Telegram quiz — 10 winners each get $100 in EBOX

💌️ Gleam Campaign

[Dec 1rst — Dec 24rd]

We have something to share with the world, and now more than ever: Spread our vision by completing various small social engagement tasks, which are so easy to tick off, and yet so helpful to bringing new people to ethbox and fortifying our name in the crypto industry!


Gleam tasks — 150,000 EBOX reward pool

Live on Twitch: ethbox Founders play Marbles!

[Nov 14th]

In this absolute first-timer in the history of ethbox, the three founders are going live on Twitch, streaming the popular lottery game “Marbles”, where each participant is assigned a marble in a nicely rendered 3D obstacle course.

Fasten your seatbelts for 10 action-packed rounds full of head-to-head competition, as each participant’s marble rolls & bounces through the course in a seemingly unpredictable path — Every second decides everyone’s fate anew, making it a nerve-rackingly thrilling experience until the very end!

We are giving away a special ethbox merch item to all winners, something of high practical use & value to every crypto enthusiast, together with $100 in EBOX.

To keep things interesting until the end, we will not just be rewarding the first 3 winners to pass the finish line, like it is usually done, but also the very last one — Make sure to mark this date in your calendar, grab some popcorn and come have a ball with the ethbox founders (quite literally)!


Marbles lottery — 10 rounds, top 3 players + last player each get 1 ethbox special merch item + $100 in EBOX

🚀 Rebrand Launch

[Nov 16th — Nov 23th]

This is it — The big day. Saying farewell to our hexagon friend draped in purple, we transition to our next stage of evolution. On this day, we are unveiling our new brand identity to the world, paving the way to establishing ethbox as a definite cornerstone of the crypto industry!

Celebrating this one-of-its-kind occasion, we are launching a firework of 3 full-staking EBOX reward packages, containing 5000 EBOX each, and granting the lucky winners direct access to our In-Wallet Staking from the first day.

Tell your friends, tell your family, gather up everyone you can for this grand event, and watch as we kick-start our marketing engine to fly our project to unprecedented heights!


Twitter contest — 3 winners each get 5000 EBOX (direct access to staking)

Following the big launch on November 16th, after a short while for the waves to set and our brand to feel properly well-established, we will continue the celebrations with a new collection of post-rebrand events — Stay tuned for what might be around the corner, but before, stay even more tuned for what’s right in front of us!

We invite you all to take part in these events we have meticulously elaborated for you, our community members. We would be nothing without you, and we want to use this unique opportunity to once again thank you all for your ongoing support and belief in our project’s vision.

For us, all of the perspectives we give here are not just words. For us, new horizons aren’t merely a beautiful thing to put on a poster on your wall, but something we actually sail to — And eventually get there. We can proudly say that have successfully realized all our major goals so far, creating a plethora of brilliant solutions along the way.

Welcome to (what will no longer be called) ethbox, where shaping reality out of visions and ideas is our everyday business.

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