Something new is coming …

Since we started ethbox, about a year ago, a lot has happened. We have worked on this project every day, we have evolved our service offerings and grown our community to levels we never knew were possible. And now that we got here, we want to go further.

While we work with a laser-sharp focus on the future ahead, sometimes it’s important to look back and reflect. When we look at everything we have achieved, we see that we have outgrown our name and brand — we are now officially a multichain project, and as we continue to grow and evolve, we feel that our current brand is limiting and confusing to new audiences, who think of our project as an Ethereum only project.

As a team, our number one commitment is to innovation, not to a chain, so we decided to change. We, together with our partners at Between Collective, have been working on a new brand identity that is chain-independent, bold, and empowering. Our goal is to keep growing and pushing the technology to serve everyday crypto users and businesses better and better, and we believe the new brand will make this super clear.

Our values of innovation, safety and simplicity will shine through, and through improved order, transparency and security we will continue to work to make the cryptosphere better for all users.

With the new brand will come a new website, a whole new marketing strategy, videos, campaigns, and the new features we have announced in the Whitepaper v2 will soon follow. We have organised everything to create and maximise momentum and use this opportunity to make our project more and more known just in time for mainnet launch.

We cannot wait to share the rebrand launch date — As we come closer to it, there will be a lot of promotional activity, community involvement and giveaways, so stay tuned, get involved and get excited; something new is coming mid-November this year!

Follow us on Twitter @ethbox_official or join our telegram to stay up to date.

Links and further information:

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Escrow service. Your home for safe #OTC trades, privacy, & safer TX on #ETH #Polygon #Reef #BSC.

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Escrow service. Your home for safe #OTC trades, privacy, & safer TX on #ETH #Polygon #Reef #BSC.

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